ReverseEagle: the return

A few days ago, I stepped down from the ReverseEagle project.

It was an emotional time for everyone.

I don't think anyone, aside from two people, wanted me fully removed from the project. It was even labelled as 'unfair' afterwards.

In retrospect, what I did was wrong. I should not have argued with them that night.

Shortly after my blog post about stepping down, I was notified about a new post on Lemmy. Titled 'Resynth is no longer in the moderation/staff team.', it was quite a hard-hitting piece to read.

I'd like to debunk some of the theories posted in that article, nevertheless. You all deserve to know the truth, which is one of the reasons why this blog is on the internet.

However, throughout the project, arguments of various intensity have emerged between Resynth and the rest of the group.

This rhetoric makes me feel uncomfortable. I would like to highlight the facts that on some days, everyone argued. This includes the author of the above post, Penloy.

The above text suggests I was the sole source of argumentation. As I'm sure many other members will say themselves, this is misleading to say the least.

Penloy, now a former member of the ReverseEagle project, set up project management software for the ReverseEagle project. To this day, we are very grateful for this privilege.

As Kellegram, a former member of the ReverseEagle project, suggested on Lemmy: 'If Penloy did not set it up while the rest was spamming the chat it would never have been done.'

We think this is necessary to keep the team stable and growing, and for the long term health of the project.

Shortly after this was written, the author decided to leave the ReverseEagle project. I've chosen to relinquish my retirement from the ReverseEagle project to fix what's left of it.

I would like to give thanks to Penloy for their support of the ReverseEagle project. They did what they thought was right, and in some ways, that is admirable.

Although, questions are being raised about whether or not the right decision was made.

Although there has been some growing pains from the management of the ReverseEagle project, it's not going anywhere. ReverseEagle is here to stay.

I'm so happy to be back.