Stepping down from the ReverseEagle project

With a heavy heart, I am hereby announcing my withdrawal from the ReverseEagle project.

In short: ReverseEagle is a project that is quickly removing the influence of corporations from FOSS. This means they are removing any proprietary corporate code from FOSS applications.

Let's go back a few months; I'll explain the whole thing...

It was a dark, cold night.

I was thinking about a decentralised internet more and more around that time. Imagine an internet without corporate greed or influence. Imagine a free and open internet.

Then a new project was born, to remove corporate greed from FOSS.

We started off with 4 people, including myself. We ran the group democratically, making sure everyone had their say.

It was the most exciting time I've had for months. Lockdown has been excruciating, so having something I can feel proud of was right up my alley.

I started sending Merge Requests to 20 projects, removing Google's tracking code; The dream was alive.

It was around that time that taminaru suggested the name 'ReverseEagle'. Eagles hunt for prey, but we were hunting to restore balance into millions of FOSS projects.

It was definitely ambitious, but between us I thought it could work.

A few months later, ReverseEagle is more alive than it's ever been. Gaining attention from privacy-focused users meant we started to be recognized for our work.

We started creating communities, so people could chat with us. An insane amount of like-minded people joined to help us. Our dream didn't feel so ambitious anymore.

A few other dedicated members joined the ReverseEagle project, helping out with a new logo and a project management system. Our lives were getting easier; it was such an incredible thing to be a part of.

A few weeks into the project, the reality started setting in: I really found it hard to communicate with the ReverseEagle team.

It was a constant flurry of arguments, altercations, name-calling and personal insults. We really didn't get on, and I didn't see a way to fix it.

ReverseEagle turned from a dream into a chore.

I started to dread coming online, expecting an endless amount of altercations to catch up on.

It was painful to experience. I was so passionate about ReverseEagle, but it was spoiled by everything except the work that was being done.

I started to hate being a part of ReverseEagle.

Now we're in the present: the 12th of July, 2020.

From this point in time, I will no longer be a member of the ReverseEagle project.

Yesterday, I was ultimately removed from the ReverseEagle project. This was not of my volition.

After this, I heavily doubt I will be in touch with any members of the ReverseEagle project.

I'd like to think of ReverseEagle as something I could've been a part of, if I was working with a different team.

Nevertheless, I wish them all the best in life. Hopefully things turn out better for them.