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GAMBLE GAMING offers entrepreneurs a turnkey solution. The developer handles the complex infrastructure of your online Gaming Websites, using techniques they have mastered during their years in the business.

1-Key Features

2-Our Software

3-Merchant Accounting System

4-Infrastructure Specs

Key Features

State-of-the-art Gaming software

Custom Gaming web site design

Your own domain name

Cross Platform Compatibility

Our software is compatible with industry leading browsers (Netscape,

Microsoft Explorer, AOL, Macintosh).

Hosting Services

High speed web hosting in an offshore jurisdiction

24-7 tech support and site maintenance

Website Management Services

Real time web access to your game site activity reports

24-7 customer service for players

Total management of player deposits and credits

Electronic Payment System

Use of our online merchant account and unique E-billing system

State-of-the-art player security and fraud control system

Investment Management Services

Our Software

GAMBLE GAMING Solution’s bundled software utilizes Flash-based client/server protocols to provide the most realistic and exciting gaming experience available. It is fast easy to use and some applications require no download to the hard drive by the end user. Our Software packages includes: a) Multiplayer Poker b) Poker Casino program featuring 25 plus games. c) Sportsbook  program for bets on all major sports. d) Bingo with progressive jackpots e) Instant play Lotto. Included with the software packages is a highly sophisticated Management Interface System (MIS), which allows for real-time administration from any live Internet connection. MIS provides full access to player activities, financial and marketing reports via a real time web interface.

The Gaming Software features:

Games: poker tables, 789Bet , slot machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow, Let It Ride, Red Dog, Baccarat plus Multiplayer Poker, Sportsbook, Bingo and Lotto.

Quality Graphics: Our graphics department and web design team are among the best in the business. They have worked hard to make our games incredibly attractive yet still fast playing for end users.

Web-Based Reporting: With our Java reporting technology, you can login and manage your Gaming Site from any Internet-ready computer in the world.

Customizable Player Interface: We can modify the look and feel of the Games to your taste.

Sportsbook: The Gaming program is equipped with a multi-featured online sportsbook. The sportsbook allows for betting on any major sporting event worldwide.

Key features of the Sportsbook are: a) Automated update of betting lines b) Multiple types of betting odds including money lines, point spreads, and point totals c) Multiple types of bets, staight wagers, parlays, and teasers.

Affiliate Program: A built in system enables your affiliates to see the results of their efforts.

Seamless Transfer of Funds: Your players can use the same account to play at all of our gaming sites no clumsy “chip transfer” or multiple ID’s and passwords

Communication Tools line managers, clerks and customer service reps can speak without a word via popup windows, chat functions and reminders.

Strong Security Features customize each user’s rights, from clerks to administrators.

Unlimited Sub-Companies and Agents you can manage multiple businesses and agents with one system, yet report on the data separately.

User Friendly – We built this system for speed and ease of use, clerks and managers love it.

Highly Customizable – Set your own promos, bonuses, parlays, teasers, bet limits, payouts and more

Merchant Accounting System

Reliable online payment processing is one of the most complex and formidable aspects of owning an online gaming website. We simplify the e-billing challenge for our clients. Our e-billing system features include: Strict adherence to all Visa and Mastercard regulations Full use of all available fraud management tools. Discretionary information-based decisions made on credit requests falling outside automated controls. Immediate response to any issuing bank’s request for information. A backup system for merchant accounting. Alternative payment method acceptance (Bank transfers, Neteller, Western Union)

Infrastructure Specs

Network Environmental redundancy (UPS backup & Generator fail-safe) . Optical switching 24×7 operating environment

Web Development and Hosting

Design to spec web sites.

Professional graphic artists

Isolated, secure database

Controlled access capabilities

Firewall Credit Card Processing

Online accounting

Proprietary negative file

Offshore Banking

Systems must embrace the generic standards of today. If not, they’ll never adapt to the emerging standards of tomorrow. As you would expect from any top Gaming developer, GAMBLE GAMINGis experienced in every cutting-edge technology available. This includes Java animation, Real Audio and Video, Shockwave and Video Active. To remain current, GAMBLE GAMING’s research and development department checks hundreds of competitive sites daily. This allows our team to follow technology trends and establish software upgrades that customers want.


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