Stuff that rocks. This is not a comprehensive list :-)

Every project listed is FOSS.


These could be programming languages, code tools or educational tools.

Private front-ends for anti-privacy products


A random list of projects I like.

Chat / Social

Talk to others.


A list of recommended people that do ethical, worthwhile work.


Recommended blogs about a variety of topics.

Add .rss to a Nitter link to download an RSS feed.


News sites I personally recommend. Of course, you should always do your research.

Matrix home-servers

These home servers do not require a reCAPTCHA or any other hostile software to sign-up.

Browser extensions

Recommended browser extensions.

Installing extensions can make your fingerprint unique. Try to determine what you absolutely need.

uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere are very common, which won't add any great entropy to your fingerprint online.


People on the Fediverse

If you're looking for people to follow, see my recommendations below.

There's also a good list on the CommunityWiki.

Bots on the Fediverse

Here are some of my favourite bots, if you want to introduce automation into your timeline...

Organisations on the Fediverse

Some reputable, respectable and ethical organisations on the fediverse.

Android applications

Useful, funky applications for Android.