I'm Resynth.

Friend. Matrix fan-boy. Writes about privacy.
Fedora / GNOME user. TypeScript / HTML / CSS / Elixir developer.

GitHub Source Code Leak

    What do Microsoft really think about open-source?

    Hello, I'm a Fedora user!

      Latte and Linux is an interesting combination.

      The YouTube-DL Takedown

        GitHub has removed the ability to access youtube-dl's source code due to a DMCA.

        Uninstall Nano Defender Immediately

          The extension now unnecessarily collects swathes of personal data.

          The Referer Problem

          • referer
          • privacy
          Most people aren't aware their browser opens them up for tracking. Let's fix that.

          Cloudflare's Email Protection Does Not Work

            This isn't the way to fix email spam.

            Don't Crawl GitHub To Spam

              Sometimes, time is just better spent elsewhere.

              What is the Fediverse?

                Interconnected; federated; ActivityPub: what do they mean?

                Mastodon: The Grand Finale

                  Mastodon has a long way to go, and I'll be there to watch that grow.

                  DuckDuckGo Still Has Issues

                    There are still some issues concerning privacy that need to be fixed.

                    JavaScript CDN's: are they a good idea?

                    • response
                    Should you change how you serve static assets?

                    Why shouldn't I use Google Analytics?

                    • response
                    In an internet that's quickly being controlled by dubious companies, how do you keep your visitors safe?

                    What's a static site generator?

                    • response
                    Here's a short explanation.

                    I have nothing to hide.

                    • response
                    Here's why I disagree.

                    How do I move away from Google?

                    • response
                    How do you stop Google from watching you?

           here's what I think

                    • development
                    • javascript
                    I used to use a popular service for free website hosting. Here's why I stopped.

                    ReverseEagle; my cat.

                    • social
                    • privacy
                    • cat
                    The long fight for online privacy; cats; poetry.

                    The Google Acquisition; Microsoft; China

                    • social
                    Censorship: how does it affect you?

                    Mozilla's frightening relationship with Google

                      Is it wrong to sleep with the enemy, when you care about online privacy?


                        Were we wrong to switch to Discord?

                        Isolation; the effects on mental health.

                        • social
                        How is isolation affecting you?

                        Mastodon: The Reunion.

                        • social
                        • social media
                        I'm using Mastodon, a calmer social network.

                        Twitter, we need a break.

                        • social
                        • social media
                        I'm leaving Twitter for a week. Read why.