I'm Resynth.

I talk about online surveillance, nature, social injustices and more.

TypeScript developer; former YouTuber. Privacy matters.

Twitter, we need a break.

02 May 2020

I'm leaving Twitter for a week. Read why.

Mastodon: The Reunion.

06 May 2020

I'm using Mastodon, a calmer social network.

Isolation; the effects on mental health.

18 May 2020

How is isolation affecting you?


22 Jun 2020

Were we wrong to switch to Discord?

Mozilla's frightening relationship with Google

28 Jun 2020

Is it wrong to sleep with the enemy, when you care about online privacy?

The Google Acquisition; Microsoft; China

05 Jul 2020

Censorship: how does it affect you?

ReverseEagle; my cat.

05 Jul 2020

The long fight for online privacy; cats; poetry.

now.sh: here's what I think

09 Jul 2020

I used to use a popular service for free website hosting. Here's why I stopped.